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The kind  Apr 16, 2021 Obduracy definition is - the quality or state of being obdurate. How to use obduracy in a sentence. resolute, obstinate, doughty, imperious, intransigent, unconvincing, tigerish, unyielding, unbending, implacable, more — Use obdurate in a sentence  Obdurate definition is - stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing. How to use obdurate in a sentence. Did You Know?

Obdurate in a sentence

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Despite the defendant’s apology, the judge was obdurate and gave him a thirty-year sentence. 🔊 Our inheritance may look obdurate, but somehow it turns out to be not so obdurate after all. From the Cambridge English Corpus When the latter proved obdurate , a rival executive was formed, but this quickly faded away.#! Obdurate in a sentence 1.

We tried to list the best first. 2007-05-23 2017-07-16 the obdurate old man refused to take pity on the kittens.the Nanny resigned after she could no longer tolerate the child's petulance.before the final exam, the teacher recapitulated the semester's 2006-10-17 Translations in context of "OBDURATE" in english-italian. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "OBDURATE" - english-italian translations and search engine for english translations.

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ex. motstånd] stubborn; severe (heavy ei. harsh) sentence passed upon one; sova (: vara djupt  ing phrases, sentences, paragraphs, whole books as they manipulate their to grant additional taxes they could be surprisingly obdurate; threatened with being  and a concurrent three-month sentence for driving with excess alcohol. This was a season that was personified by our obdurate defense  An obdurate person is very stubborn.

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That obdurate in a sentence "They were obdurate, " wrote Jessie Stratford. Ultimately, this may make China more complex, nationalistic and obdurate. If he is obdurate, you should still take the high road. Actually, there are some fairly obdurate myths about the London climate.

Obdurate in a sentence

The President remains obdurate on the question of tax cuts. 2. Several obdurate facts/differences remain, preventing a compromise solution. 3. They argued, but he remained obdurate. 4. He remained obdurate, refusing to alter his decision.
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2019-02-13 · The obdurate teen refused to repent for his bad behavior. 2. Because I’m an obdurate person, you’ll rarely hear me apologize. 3. Late Middle English (originally in the sense ‘hardened in sin, impenitent’): from Latin obduratus, past participle of obdurare, from ob- ‘in opposition’ + durare ‘harden’ (from durus ‘hard’). How to use obdurate in a sentence. The obdurate list of example sentences with obdurate.

73 examples: Only the most obdurate idealist could insist that fencing ' failed ' or failed… Definition of Obdurate. unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn. Examples of Obdurate in a sentence. Although the hurricane was rapidly coming their way, the townspeople were obdurate and did not leave their homes. 🔊. Sometimes, you are too obdurate for your own good!
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Obdurate in a sentence

2. Because I’m an obdurate person, you’ll rarely hear me apologize. 3. How to use obdurate in a sentence. The obdurate list of example sentences with obdurate. The old woman meanwhile tried to soften the obdurate wall with melted butter and new milk—but in vain.

obdurate Hindi meaning, translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences  Spotting Errors · Sentence Improvement · Selecting Words Obdurate means obstinate or stubborn, hence compliant is the antonym. Previous Question adjective. his flinty gaze; the child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart. Nearby Words.
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